Rainy days – going back to the basics!

So my blog has been ‘live’ for just over 24 hours and the feedback I’ve had has been great. Thanks to everyone who has shared my link I posted yesterday about the fairies and please continue to share, although I fully appreciate I’m now going to be “that annoying person” who posts things to social media and clog up your news feeds!

I have been looking forward to today all week as my children have been away all week with their Mummy as it’s half term this week and next. We tweaked the rota slightly, so I went a little longer than usual without seeing them. I’ve now got them for the next 3 nights and was looking forward to doing something today with them both.

On waking up, it was raining…no one warned me about the weather in the north when I first moved up! Rainy days usually means one thing in my house…toys everywhere and children going stir crazy!

On the flip side, play centres – which I’m not a big fan of at all (as you’ll soon discover) always appear busy, largely down to limited options available to parents!

One of my early readers took the time out to message me and thanked me for my last article. Now I don’t know this person at all, so the fact they ultimately messaged a complete stranger I found amazing! Part of their message to me said “I get caught up in all the practical stuff sometimes I forget to make the most of my time with my girl and often just do the same options that we’ve done tons of times before.”

Now it got me thinking…as I say I don’t know this person but I think as a co-parent it’s easy to over complicate what you do with the children whether that is intentional or unintentional, as often in these sorts of situations the children end up potentially better off in many ways than if their parents were in a conventional relationship and still together. They get to go on holiday two plus times a year, have two lots of toys etc

So today, this rainy Good Friday was about going back to basics. My mother (Grandma to Connie and Joseph) enjoys baking with the kids when she sees them and I have in the past spent time doing this. The prospect of the mess at the end is never that appealing but let’s look beyond that!

Aprons on and ready to go, both of the children wanting active roles in the cake making process! Connie was keen to say she wanted to crack the eggs and did so very well…

Joseph assured me Grandma told him “what to do once” and he knew also how to crack eggs, sadly he wasn’t so adept on his go and I ended up having an egg running down my worktop and floor! Now in these situations it always easy to get a little annoyed or angry – we all do right? But when you are at a crossroads like that it can go one of two ways, I find if a child sees you getting visibly upset or cross they can get upset and even if something’s a genuine accident we (parents) all can still get a bit annoyed. This for me is something I’m really trying to work on, his intent was good, he wasn’t messing about and so I played the whole thing down and mopped it up and we carried on the 3 of us…no tears and no issues! This could have gone the other way if my reaction was different and as a result he would have likely got upset and the whole experience could have been ruined. Those single parents who read this probably can empathise a little, as for me not having another adult to bounce off, results in probably a stricter regime at times as patience can often be stretched.

As it is Easter we put some mini eggs inside the cake and baked it and then of course decorated it, not before the children used their wooden implements to thoroughly get every last morsel out of the bowl.

Another simple, affordable and fun way to occupy the children and I get to get to enjoy a bit of cake too, now that they are in bed! Yum!

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  1. Love it all and glad I got a mention or two in the cake blog. Joseph only cracked one egg with me before cooking that cake – it looked yummy by the way. Perhaps you should share a couple of your recipes with us all. I’m very proud of you and my gorgeous Grandchildren 😉

  2. That cake looked amazing!!! Well done to all 3 of you. Me and my kids love baking and we’ve had many egg incidents. Once one slid out of the shell onto my Son’s lap and my first instinct was to grab my phone and take a photo haha. I find the simpliest things like cooking and baking are great as they can all get stuck in and be proud of the final product. Sometimes it doesn’t resemble the picture in the recipe book but it was fun making it and messy 🙈🙊

  3. My daughter and I love baking and more than not at the end it’s flour that goes every where, only problem is we always bake to much and end up giving some to freinds.

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