Keeping the fairy magic alive…!

So my eldest is Connie and she was 6 in February. She’s a typical girly girl and very interested in reading, writing and generally learning new things! However, nothing supersedes her passion for anything magical…this includes magic sets, unicorns and of course fairies!
Father Christmas (another thing she still very much believes in) bought her a fairy door for Christmas. Now I have seen quite a few of these ranging in different price brackets but I managed to pick up a brand new one off eBay and so far so good.

We moved house pretty recently and the fairy door of course came with us but was tucked away in one of the several boxes. A couple of months ago though we found it and re-sprinkled the accompanying fairy dust and Connie took it upon herself to explain to Jane (the name for the fairy) via a hand written note that we had recently moved and that she hoped she would find her way to the new house.

Now, I should explain that my handwriting is borderline unreadable and I am hopeless at disguising it, so I have to think of alternative methods to keep the dream alive! This time, the response came in the form of an app I use a reasonable amount called Touchnote.  This app allows you to use photos and you are able to write essentially a post card to any recipient. Lucky for Connie, Jane is clearly gifted in the art of using the app too!

You’ll see the above postcard that was sent to my little fairy believer and her response was nothing short of amazement and it really does bring a tear to the eye. I should say, her initial response was “Daddy, she’s beautiful isn’t she?” She was in complete awe of her.

Of course this lead to her writing a response stating that “she wished she had magical powers like a real fairy”.  To do these sort of things requires a bit of thought and she remains patient when waiting for a response. A week or two passed and I managed to use another app to superimpose a fairy over a picture of her when asleep…printed it off at my local Tesco and left the picture by the fairy door in her room.

The game goes on and with it the dream continues…for me it’s actually pretty fun and to see her reactions when something new happens is always so lovely to see. I welcome any readers to come up with some future suggestions for me though!  What I have come up with are inexpensive ways to keep a dream going and all it takes is a bit of creativity and time.  I think we are in an era where children go up so quickly largely due to phones and technology and of course their peers, so my aim is to make my childrens formative years as magical as possible!

I should add for Connie’s birthday she received a fairy garden which is something we could both construct together. I so enjoy doing these joint things and often the gift of time is best received, more than anything else.

(The seeds have now turned into grass)

Ponytails, plaits and…practice!!


  1. Luis this is so lovely keeping the dream alive is so sweet you are doing a great job x looking forward to more posts x

  2. Big respect mate. I could definitely take some lessons from you. My big struggle is maintaining sensible communication with my adulteress ex wife.

  3. Wow how good are you Luis???Reading this actually brought a little tear to my eye. How lovely is this?? My Daughter is too old to believe in fairies now, which I’m gutted about but at Christmas time bang on December the 1st our elves from the North Pole come to stay until the 24th, all 5 of them Luis.
    So every night I have to think of entertaining and amazing things for these 5 elves to do. If it wasn’t for the smiley faces of my 2 boys I would have only done it one year. But this December they will be here for another visit because if I can keep the magic alive for as long as possible I will go to any lengths. Just like you have done with Connie. She’s a very lucky girl to have you as her Daddy 😊

  4. My daughter is nearly 9 and she still loves fairys. There is a set of fairy books ranging from the rainbow fairys to the animal fairys, weather fairys and loads more. My daughter loves these i use to read them to her but now she reads them her self.

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