Grandparents – You’ve got to love them!

So this entry comes in a slightly different format and it focuses all about Grandparents. We all have memories old or new about Grandparents and the magic and fun they inject into our lives.  Whether it’s learning a new skill, hearing a story, or just providing us with advice or guidance – those lucky enough to have Grandparents in their lives past or present will always be thankful for their involvement.

One thing I often think about is how my Grandparents never got to meet my two children, but I have no doubt in my mind, that my two children would be besotted by them all and I know that would be more than reciprocated!

I have taken the time to write a poem on the topic of Grandparents, I hope you enjoy and can relate in some way or another:


Magical, special, endless love, are some of the words I’d say,

To describe the role of Grandparents in our society today.

I can only talk about my life, in what I’ve seen and know,

For all the love and happiness, for that I truly owe.

Growing up as a boy, it’s often hard to explain,

The special feelings that I felt, over and over again.

The trip to the shops, the games we played,

The school holidays and the times that we stayed.

What they went through,  the stories they told,

Always amazed me and never got old.

For the help they gave me and the hope I receive,

The advice I was given, helped to achieve.

The best start in life, something I’ll always hold dear,

But alas, I’m sad to say, they’re no longer here.

(Both sets of my Grandparents and a young Luis – pre kids!)

So now I get to see again, but in the eyes of my two,

The special role of Grandparents and the bond they have like glue.

The stories they tell, the songs they sing,

Silly faces they pull, the push on the swing.

(My two children with their Grandparents)

The trips away, the baking of a cake,

With all the love it could possibly take.

The ride on the tractor, the song on the guitar,

The chat on FaceTime wherever they are.

(Good times – tractors and guitars!)

The things they teach, the things they know,

To help my children learn and grow.

I hope one day, I can be the same,

And carry on the Grandparent flame.

You know, one of the things we all should see,

Is the gift Grandparents give to a family.


(3 generations together!)

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  1. Lovely tribute to grandparents. You don’t stop often enough to appreciate all that they do so it’s nice to acknowledge it

  2. Beautifully written. I love it when bloggers incorporate poems into their blogs. It’s something I love doing too! It just feels more personal.

    Stevie x

  3. What a lovely post and so very true! I’m so lucky that my parents live nearby and that my kids all have such a strong bond with them.

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