It’s Christmas! Let’s hear your Christmas Traditions

My Secret Santa present this year! Clearly someone saw my last live chat!

It’s almost Christmas!

I can’t actually believe it!  First things first, I realise it has been some time since I have last written an article – my apologies.  Work and life are extremely busy at the moment, throw in some Nativity plays, Christmas parties, trips out and getting everything all set for Christmas, I can honestly say it has been truly hectic..but fun!  Those who follow me on Facebook will know, I am still keeping in touch with you all via my Sunday Questions.

My Secret Santa present this year! Clearly someone saw my last live chat!

I don’t know about you lot, but I have two very excited children who can’t quite believe it’s 2 sleeps till Christmas.

I type this as we watch Polar Express – a firm favourite in my house, but the Muppet’s Christmas Carol is my all time favourite!

So a few weeks ago, I asked you all to share with me your Christmas Traditions and now seems like a great time to share with you all what they are – what a creative and interesting bunch you are.

Your Traditions:

  • Natasha Burrows has a lovely tradition in that the Angel on the tree is sent by Santa to guard the presents and flies home when they are all opened.
  • Diane Lyons, Natalie Buckland, Heather Welsh, Leona Moon, Claire Marsay and Andrea Hill all like to give a present in the form of pyjamas on Christmas Eve – I too am joining you in this tradition this year, it will be a farewell present from our Elf on the Shelf!
  • Katie April, Lana Bennett and Karen Denby always goes with her children to see a panto between Christmas and New Year – this is another tradition I subscribe too.  For the last couple of years and this Year (well January 2018 actually) – my parents, the kids and I are off to see a panto too, can’t wait!
  • A lovely tradition comes from Leanne Clarke who likes to walk or drive around their village to see all the Christmas lights – sounds lovely!
  • In Helen Druces’ household they always make sausage rolls – sounds yummy!!!
  • Emma Morris takes her eldest two to the cinema – I was looking to do this, this year, but I thought there is nothing really worth watching! Or am I missing something here?
  • Lesley Anne has tried to bring in some different traditions since becoming a single parent.  Lesley makes sure all the jobs are done before Christmas Eve and her and her children just like to relax on Christmas Eve and have a look around at decorations and have a coffee.
  • Laura Gould a firm Christmas traditionalist, whereby no presents are opened (apart from Santa ones) until after the Queen’s speech.  While Vicki Bennett likes to guess what colour frock the Queen will wear!
  • Emma Bound has a lovely family tradition.  Her Son was Christened on the 9th December and every year on the 9th December they as a family put their star on their tree.
  • Emma Clark enjoys going to Church on Christmas Eve followed by some Christmas gifts
  • While Karen Bowery enjoys a drink down the pub on Christmas Eve, then home to wrap the presents! I would hate to see what my wrapping is like after a few drinks…it is bad enough as it is!
  • Joanne Hunsu celebrates Christmas in style with a Champagne breakfast on the special day!
  • Zo Goldie Wood spares a thought for the reindeer by giving them some food in her garden and a banana beer for Santa – I wonder what that tastes like!?
  • Lisa Harvey and her family have their Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve as they are all far too excited to eat on the big day.
  • Kerry Adams’ Mum still buys her and her siblings selection boxes and they are all in their 50’s! Jealous!!
  • For Alison Coombes traditions in her house have changed over recent years as her and her children’s Father have alternate Christmases.  So this year, they will be tucking into a Christmas dinner and some games on Boxing Day.
  • Similarly, Andrea Hill alternates Christmas too, but it’s not Christmas in their house until they have had a Christmas game of bowling on Christmas Eve.
  • Finally, Tony Kenny probably has the most unusual Christmas tradition in that for the past 20 years their Christmas dinner comes in the form of a Chinese meal on Christmas Day!  I am sure there is a joke about crackers (prawn) in there somewhere!

I have to say, I really enjoyed reading all of your traditions and I do hope I haven’t missed anyone out.  So it is about time to wrap this up (no pun intended) but I just would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and I hope you and your lovely families have the most magical of times, with lots of love, smiles and laughter.


You will see/hear more from me soon – I promise!

Love from us xxx


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