Being a parent…

Hi guys, sorry I have been off the radar a little, I was at a funeral last week and what with the two stag do’s I had been on previously, I just ran out of time to do a post.


This week it was my son’s 5th Birthday, so I have been busy spoiling him! But don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten you all.

This weeks blog post comes in the form of a poem.  This time, about being a parent.  As most of you on this page are indeed parents, it seems fitting to write something that hopefully we can all relate to.


Being a parent…


Being a parent, is it what you always wanted to be?

For some it’s ‘yes’, others a ‘no’, or simply just a ‘maybe’!

We don’t always expect it to happen, sometimes it comes as a surprise,

But whichever way you look at it, it really opens your eyes!

In fact, in reality, it’s probably the hardest job I know,

Every day is different, as you watch your children grow.

You are your own boss, there’s no rule book,

You are their world, their driver and cook!

Yet you make mistakes and punish yourself,

You may choose to be single and stay on the shelf?

Just when you think you’ve cracked it, something seems to change,

Sleepless nights, the sickness bugs – it really is quite strange.

But on the outside, you plough on through – people think you’re fine,

But for some parents, secretly inside, they’ve really lost their shine.

It’s ok to ask for help, or when ever you are in need,

We all have times like that in life – if only we all agreed!

Being a parent can be the best thing though,

Seeing the school report, or the star of a show.

There are things you thought you’d never see,

That will be truly rewarding, eternally.

The best gift you could ever give, is that of time, some say

Being a parent you do that and more – you are learning every day.

How to plait, to be the tooth fairy are some of the things you’ll need,

To help you along the way, in order to succeed.

As they get older, it is different skills,

Relationship problems or help with their bills!

Or maybe, they will have children of themselves,

And ask for advice about Santa and Elves!

Always dependent, if they need you, you’re there,

Everlasting love, everlasting care.

The job is for life, some fail to remember,

Being a parent, YOU are a life-long member!

So there you have it! Being a parent is so tough, yet so rewarding! You all do such a good job and I know for some of you it really is difficult at times, remember you aren’t alone and there is always someone out there to help you – you just need to ask.

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