Ponytails, plaits and…practice!!

So when you become a parent for the first time, there’s no guide book or instructions, you just try and bumble your way through together with your partner most of the time and essentially like any partnership you generally have one person who’s better than the other for certain things and vice versa. Most seem to stick to their comfort zones as to what they are good at and why wouldn’t you? Unless you like a challenge of course.

Now when you become a single parent (male or female), it’s like that handbook you had started to create is thrown out of the window and once again you are starting to write the instruction manual from scratch – this applies to anything, not just what I’m talking about today.

It seems fitting to write about my experience on picking up a new skill that I had to quickly acquire, in an area I never even gave a thought to and I’m sure most of you have had a grounding like this or similar!

So in line with so many parents finding out earlier in the week if their child got a place at their chosen primary school, I thought I’d write about an early learning curve I experienced.

Rewind to September 2015, it was my daughter Connie’s first day at school and like any proud parent you are there taking a picture or ten before you leave the house knowing at some point they will want to see it when they are older.

Teeth brushed, hair brushed, uniform on and ready to roll with plenty of time spare too! One proud Daddy snapping away completely unaware as to what was in store for him in 10 minutes time.

On entering the play ground there were loads of children in their brand new uniform all looking very smart, but I quickly noticed that they all had plaits, ponytails and styles I couldn’t even pretend to know!

A quick check of the handbook and nothing…nada! Furthermore, little did I know that having hair down is probably not the best thing as it’s easy for head lice to find their way on to them too!

A steep learning curve indeed! Ok…so next time I thought, let’s try and go with a pony tail, now I’m no Charles Worthington but that seemed pretty straightforward to do and remains so to this day (I believe)!

I was pretty content for a short period of time, but then it became more and more apparent (and I appreciate I’m generalising here) that pony tails seemed to be for the children who took too long to eat their breakfast or spilt toothpaste down their uniform and had to get ready again! This was compounded by Connie regularly saying “Daddy, can I have a plait today?” Cue…scratchy chin emoji!!!🤔

So for the next few nights Connie’s rapunzel doll became a focal point for me! I watched some videos like  this  and started to try to get to grips with plaiting and the like.

I wouldn’t say I’ve become an expert by any means in this domain, but I’ve certainly made some strides and probably about half a page of the handbook has now been filled!

But of course, there’s still those times when it just looks nice down…

Believe in Fairies? We do!


  1. I always feel bad that I have no talent for doing my daughters hair whatsoever!Even more so when she goes to her aunties and comes back with all sorts of elaborate styles!Your plait is fab though,this is how I tend to do her hair as she has picked up the dreaded nits when just sporting a ponytail!

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