The 3 musketeers – my First blog post

So I’ve been contemplating writing a blog for sometime now and tonight was the night I decided to give it a go!

So my name is Luis, a single father (33) of two young children. Connie is my eldest who is 6 and Joseph who is 4. I’m originally from Kent but have lived in the north west for around 9 years now.

By doing a blog I aim to create long lasting memories for my children to read first and foremost and secondly I hope to showcase some fantastic days out and give inspiration to parents (single or otherwise) that days out are fun and worthwhile.


So we are fast approaching Easter and I’ve got some great ideas for us all to do! I should explain before I go any further, that I have joint responsibility for the children and have them 6 nights every 14 split over a 2 week period. The system works well and I generally get on pretty well with the children’s mother (my ex wife).

We broke up and subsequently divorced when the children were extremely young.  The children remain unaffected to my knowledge and consider themselves lucky to have Daddy’s house and mummy’s house. Communication is paramount I believe in these situations and at some point I plan on sharing my thoughts and ‘system’ on keeping these relationships healthy for my own sanity but also clearly for the benefit of the children.

If you, like me want to give your children the best possible start in life, the wonderful memories so many of us have ourselves then please do follow me.

This is my first blog, so your comments are most welcome along with any feedback, comments or suggestions!

My next post is around the fun I have with my daughter who believes in fairies and how I keep her dreams alive! It can be found here:


  1. Impressive and wonderful to see how you are keeping communication open for the children with your ex wife, to many fall into the trap of closing this door. Looking forward to reading more of your posts

  2. Luis this is really inspirational and I am sure will give other single daddies ideas on the wonderful things to do with their children. Lots of admiration for you

  3. I had a quiet divorce from my ex husband in 2000, there was no custody order and they remained living with me in the family home, which I moved out of every weekend, so their father could stay with them in their own home and cause minimum disruption to their lives. they were 7, 4 and 9 months old. We agreed finances between us. At the same time I met my husband, but we didn’t live together or marry until 2 years later, he had a particularly nasty divorce and we fought and won custody of his 2 kids and eventually moved 40 miles away. Contact for his kids with their mother was minimal, they were 10 and 11 at the time. Around the age of 13/14 my 2 oldest boys stopped going to their dads new home on weekends, wanting to play football and see their mates, unless they made the effort (i encouraged them) their dad had little input in their lives. In 2011 we moved to South Africa and 2015 to Dubai, taking the youngest 2 with us, the others had left home by this time. Their father had to sign papers for us to take them and he agreed without questionning) They then saw their dad once a year, at our expense, until 2013 when the youngest returned to the UK for boarding school and spent 50% of his holidays with his dad, the other left home in 2014 and like the older 4 lives independently in the UK. The youngest aged 18, has had little to do with his father over the past year, preferring to stay in Dubai or with me in the UK during all his holidays, or with friends if I can’t.
    I’ve recently asked the kids now they are all adults why the interest in their father stopped and they chose not to spend time with him, their reply

    ‘He never did anything with us, it was boring, we’d just sit round the house while he spent his time playing games and on face book, it was much more fun with you and Pete, even if there were rows’

    I guess I’ve finally got to the point I wanted to make, it’s not just about having the kids, it’s about engaging with them, spending time doing things (it doesn’t have to cost money) varying trips out and activities and sharing their interests as well as your own.

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